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assigned bastard at birth

Revamped one of my pokemon trainer OCs, Noel!

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Felt like doodling and out came Eunie's summer outfits.

Mad Scientist Catherine

- I've just made... The discovery... Of the century...

- It's 3 a.m. and you've already said this exact thing five times. Maybe it's time for you to discover sleep, Catherine?

sometimes you change up your style, just for funsies

Celestial Sailor Jupiter concept

this one doesn't even have a comparison post since i don't think i've finished my first drawing of her. i've referenced this pose from her figurine doing a pose from the actual show. this is one of the most asymmetric and dynamic poses i've done so far!

i had to change her color scheme slightly by using a blu-er green (if it makes sence) to make it blend well with pink because her original characters don't blend at all. i hope that doesn't take away too much from her signature image and floral aspect of her powers, even though this shade of green is more of a Sailor Neptune shade of green.

Background is a pre-made pattern in Ibis Paint!

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last month i started a multi-part guide on drawing backgrounds for beginners (or any artist anxious about getting started!). i took some people's questions on twitter about things they struggle with most regarding backgrounds and i'm using those to write up this guide, so hopefully your burning questions about backgrounds are answered here!

  • how do perspective lines work?

  • how do you decide what to put in a character's room?

  • how do you make your backgrounds less flat?

all that and more is answered here!

these guides are free to read and will stay free to read. if you find them helpful consider supporting me on patreon or ko-fi if you like! i post free guides to my patreon regularly and bonus content for patrons 😊


Breaking Down Backgrounds (Part 1): The Basics of Perspective

Breaking Down Backgrounds (Part 2): The Basics of Depth

Breaking Down Backgrounds (Part 3): Designing a Room with Personality

i hope these are helpful!

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Hey gamers, swimmers, and everyone in between!

Trying to find more people to reblog some tasty, tasty art from, so if you're a content creator, please give this a like or a reblog so we can look at your blog and give you a follow! If you have an art tag, you can leave a comment to tell us what it is so we can more easily find your stuff!

We have a heavy leaning towards visual art, so Digital and traditional art, 3d renders/3d art, physical crafts like plushies and the like.. but we also look at and share cosplay, writing, music, and stuff like that! Just know that we more so try to share original writing and music, opposed to fanficition and remixes.

Oh and one last thing! We dig deep when looking for art to reblog, so that older art that didn't get the spotlight it deserved will more likely make the rounds on waterfall! We want to give everyone a chance to have their art seen, so from time to time we'll be repouring really old art o:

and remember, we also have a discord server if you're interested! and just recently started using twitter!

Happy creating! Have a great day!

concept art for character from my γ€Œgame」
β€» who?
β€» unhelpful process gif
β€» weird game site
β€» twitter nonsense


I can't remember if I have shared this or not. I found it in my Facebook photos so here ya go.

Piece for my illustration class!

oh btw i'm doing artfight!! here's my profile (it's a work in progress): https://artfight.net/~katiebirdie

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what is it about trains+horror in fiction that vibes with me so much? Snowpiercer, The Bifrost Incident, Train to Busan, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress - they all just fuckin slap so much imo, whats up with that

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  • has a sense of being completely beholden to the whims of whoever is controlling it bc getting off the train while it's moving means at best extreme injury and at worst death and actually reaching the conductor's area can be treacherous (cars are similar, but too small to contain much and it's easy to reach the wheel)

  • naturally self-contained (separate cars) which can be exploited to keep characters apart and force them to face antagonists or crowding them all in a car to make it seem cramped

  • getting to another car-- aka likely safety--is a daunting task that can get you killed with interference which puts things in antagonist's favor (as most horror circumstances do)

  • the trains often used are mostly the "stereotypical"older style that lends to the old, grungy, disrepaired look some horror movies go for, or for a murder mystery vibe if needed

  • as mentioned before, cars are too small to hold much and you can't run or hide in them, which makes the general horror movie hidden antagonist thing not work well. what you see is what you get. but boats are too hard to get off of (with trains it at least can stop) which means no hope at all and they are too... niche? and remote of a vehical to be easy to make appeal to people, if that makes sense. it's too specific to have a lot going on since the people likely on it all are either workers or travellers in the same bracket. tons of people can happen to ride a train at the same time, which is good for interesting casts and hiding the antagoinst if necessary.

  • it make big scary sound :((((

just pulled an all-nighter yesterday (weirdly easily, usually it's a struggle) to fix my truly horrendous sleep schedule and wow it's weird being up at six in the morning after having slept instead of before

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So I'll try to go on Art Fight and I'll show up on the website and I'll go, "Can I get on the website now, please?" and they go, "No. Error 502." and I go "Okaaay!" and then I go to Waterfall, and then I go back to Art Fight and I go, "Any updates?" and they go "Yeah, we had a brief moment where posting was possible while you were on Waterfall because we hate you. Now take this stamp for your DeviantArt profile, go fetch!" and I go "Okaaay" and then I go over to the Art Fight Discord Help Channels, which is an oxymoron, and I go, "Can we have a working website this year?" and they go "No! In fact, we're gonna frame you for murder! And you're gonna go to jail for thirty years!" and I go "Why are you doing this to me?!" and they go, "Because we're Art Fight, and life is a fucking nightmare!"

Celestial Sailor Mercury Concept 2.0

[first verison][comparison post]

@overlord-pink i went ahead and assumed that by "colorful" you meant "eye-searing" and no i won't be accepting corrections at this time. he's a freaky little fish fellow who's gonna steal shit from fantasy raves and i love him

pinkwitchpunk asked:

for the art meme!

🐝-Dragonfly wings

πŸ“-Short pointy ears

πŸ—‘οΈ-Weilds daggers

πŸ‘‘-include a crown

πŸ‘©-long hair

here she is! i tried using the emojis' colors in her design, which certainly gave it a candy vibe. is that good? bad? who knows! she's designed.