Who the hell are you?

The name's Katie! I also go by Katherine, Birdie, Katie-bird, Kitty, Khuthulu the great and terrible... basically, I'll respond to anything vaguely like my actual name. I run this blog, as well as @birdie-writes, which is where I put snippets of my wips. Also I'm bi, and if you don't think we're real you can get the fuck out.

What's the blog about?

It was supposed to be just an art blog, but that rapidly spun out of control so now this is just a personal blog + my art. I can be a bit spotty when it comes to consistant content uploading, so don't be surprised if I drop off the face of the earth every once and a while.


While I do have interests in quite a few things, I don't really like posting or reblogging other's content about them. Don't ask me why, it's a weird hang-up even I don'tquiet understand myself. If I ever get over it and start blogging about fandoms I'll put up a list.


Here's a quick run-down on my takes on common internet (aka tumblr) debates:

  • trans and non-binary folk are valid as hell and terfs can get fucked
  • aces/aros are also valid, and aphobes are invited to see above remark^
  • reverse racism isn't a thing
  • straight opression also isn't a thing
  • I personally consider "queer" a label. if you don't use it yourself that's perfectly fine, but I don't appreciate hearing people telling others not to use it on themselves because it's a slur despite it having been reclaimed, and anyone who says those kinds those kinds of things will be blocked
  • the fetishization of gay, lesbian, and/or trans people will also earn you a block. i'm looking at you, fujoshis
  • (more tba if necessary)