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megafauna -

how tf do you study fashion for character design cause I really gotta but I have no clue where to even start

katiebirdie -

a lady i follow on tumblr described her process and basically she says you should

a) learn about different terms for specific styles like "bohemian" or "punk" that relate to your characters' personality or your idea of their style so you know what to search for,

b) collect all related/similar terms to those styles and keep them save somewhere so you know what the range in terms there is, and

c) build a reference folder of clothes in those styles to either take inspiration form or use wholesale, since it's not uncommon for artists to just use actual clothing-- i think the sailor moon manga is pretty well known for just using runway looks for the villains. she also said that pinterest, while overall terrible, is a good site for this since it has a big fashion scene and you can make individual pages for each character to pin things too. if you don't want to use it though you can also literally just go to actual clothing websites and save/take screenshots of the clothing you like in that category and save it to a folder on your computer.

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also!! if aim create a specific subculture look: look into where first sprung from, how became popular, even typical music tastes & more - subculture able show lot abt character, if put together right :Dwill also find if learn lot of one subculture, will start learn others too, just cause lot of influence & bounce between!

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a lady i follow on tumblr described her process and basically she says you should

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I started by using bases on deviantart (so the *only* thing I had to worry about was clothes, not actually drawing) & taking photos of clothing and mannequins I liked at Kmart. Was a fun way to practice putting outfits together in a low-stress/low-effort way.

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I like scrolling through pinterest for references. You can search for specific styles too

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