one of the things i've done while gone is acciedentally make a whole superhero webcomic idea bc i posted a joke superhero on a small discord i'm in and it spiralled rapidly. i now have three terrible sheep children, none of whom have anything to do with the others despite all being sheep. they include:

battering ram: a sheep themed hero with a battering ram. does she have powers that aren't "owning a single-person battering ram?" no one is sure. the battering ram is called "ramifications". her real name is barbara ann aries, and her high school nickname is "batterin' barb," to literally everyone's delight when they learn that

dolly: a sheep themed hero with cloning powers. yes, she named herself after the cloned sheep. her powers came from a sketchy experiment her took part in as a college student because she was broke and they were handing out a couple hundred dollars for every weird chemical you drank. she got lucky and got good powers that didn't try to kill her, so when the news broke she just kind of shrugged and didn't report that she had them. her real name is polly shepard, and she gave herself a hero alias one letter away from her real name both for an excuse if she reacted to the wrong one and also just because she could. that will probably backfire on her somehow.

sleep sheep: a sheep themed hero with sleep/dream powers. got said powers because he knocked a dude out while half-asleep and unknowingly impressed a sheep spirit. to activate his powers/costume he must do a shazam and repeat the phrase "sleep sheep" five times. he's good at tongue twisters, so it's easier for him them it's probably meant to be. his real name is hypnos morningstar, and everyone thinks its a fake name.

other fun characters: boss, a retired supervillain who runs the black sheep bar, where all the sheep work. no one knows her name, not because she needs to hide it (never got caught) but just because everyone is too intimidated by her to admit they don't know it. the drs glacier, a ice themed couple who are totally expies of mr. freeze and his wife, except the wife is also a criminal. they're mostly in the villain business for the drama of it all. and lastly lamb, a serial killer supervillain bound to a wolf demon who is very unaware she's in a primarily comedic setting.

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