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you seem like a really awesome person

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Your OC's, Hand them over


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(for the vibes ask meme): sunny

ooh, nice! thank you

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i saw your '18th century author hopped up on coke' post and immediately followed

hell yeah, comma lovers unite!!

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followed for art and for being one of the first active blogs here

lmao i did join in during the baren wasteland stage, so it was either make content or die

glad you liked it!

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for the ask game i would guess you're a zodiac?

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Your eyes are so pretty!

oh man thank you!! mwah!

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“Baby KVIIIkyn’s mum, identified only as Mavis, wrote to a magazine proudly discussing her parenting choice. ‘I’ve always loved the name Kaitlyn but hated how popular it was,’ she said.”

YES. i fucking love that picture. i think i was gonna post it at some point but mobile was being a bitch and i forgot

kviiilyn................ the sheer whiteness of it all..........................

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I read fanfiction in the library during lunch instead of re-reading the book series that I'm fake reading, and instead read fanfic about it.

Today: the 3rd harry potter book in my hands, phone inside the book, reading harry potter crack on phone.

ok to be fair i'm pretty sure i've done this myself

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girl in red - we fell in love in october

smokin' cigarettes on the roof

you're so pretty and i love this view

don't bother lookin' down,

we're not goin' that way

at least i know i am here to stay

the singer's voice makes me sad in a good way. it's just so melencholy and raspy and soft. also the fact that this is a lesbian love song was such a delightful surprise! definitely checking out the band!!