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@overlord-pink i went ahead and assumed that by "colorful" you meant "eye-searing" and no i won't be accepting corrections at this time. he's a freaky little fish fellow who's gonna steal shit from fantasy raves and i love him

pinkwitchpunk asked:

for the art meme!

🐝-Dragonfly wings

🍓-Short pointy ears

🗡️-Weilds daggers

👑-include a crown

👩-long hair

here she is! i tried using the emojis' colors in her design, which certainly gave it a candy vibe. is that good? bad? who knows! she's designed.

tryin to figure out a design

made my first animatic! it's nothing spectacular, but i had fun and now i kind of know how to use an editing program :)

space mermaid goddesses redraw! the one on the bottom is from 2018, up top is the new one. i don't mean to brag, but god am i way better now. two years of semi-consistent practice will do that, i suppose! it's nice to know i can actually apply gradients now, because clearly i had no idea what i was doing originally.

fun fact about this style: i don't just slap down a black layer and draw in white, i literally block in the shapes in black and leave the lines as empty space. i don't know why i do it like this.

experimenting with this silhouette style so here's a thing based off a "ring around the rosie" style song about covid some people on tungle made

zoya! gave her springy clothes because we're finally hitting 60s in michigan