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transwerewolf (galastelloid on ig)

Im done!! A bit different style from my test but I think it's a more suitable style for jacket art :3

transwerewolf (galastelloid on ig)

a digital test of a painting I want to put on the back of my jacket


it's her day off!

chanceyreblogs -

love the colors!


good afternoon! care for a game?

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A doodle that i did in class. Ive been liking these islands

@zylphide / shiny-rayquaza

beach landscape practice


2nd attempt 


stealing kisses from your missus

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sinamonroll / princess-sina

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Ryan Radley // GHOSTMOOR

Pox in suits bc of some other art that I'm now realising I haven't posted here that made me think "hmmm I should draw Pox in a suit too". Results good, fond of that red one

hey since the commision market is being figured out rn i want to know how many of my followers would be interested in buying commissions for me! if that is something y'all would be into could you comment on this saying what kind of price you'd expect for, like, a flat-colored single person peice so i can gauge what the range should be?

my art can be found here btw


bday gift for Penny B. Parker aka "Frappe GIrl" !! she turned 21 on Tuesday!! 

Andy Lovell (British, b. 1964) - 3 dozen Red Roses, silkscreen prin, 29 x 29 cm cm

source : 

I'm apart of a DnD group now!!  It's set in the 1920's, and I'm excited for the fashion :0  My character's name is Lyke, and she's just a butch orc running from her old life

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robot -

will i ever draw something other than portraits of cute boys? no.

I doodled hawk the other day then cleaned it up just now and now I'm contemplating whether or not to color......