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overlord-pink asked:

any (or all) of your lovely sheeple ☔️?

a. thank you for asking for my sheep!! also,


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@UnidentifiedBlog i went ahead and assumed that by "colorful" you meant "eye-searing" and no i won't be accepting corrections at this time. he's a freaky little fish fellow who's gonna steal shit from fantasy raves and i love him

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pinkwitchpunk asked:

for the art meme!

🐝-Dragonfly wings

🍓-Short pointy ears

🗡️-Weilds daggers

👑-include a crown

👩-long hair

here she is! i tried using the emojis' colors in her design, which certainly gave it a candy vibe. is that good? bad? who knows! she's designed.

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Fantasy OC creator ask game!


I want... More characters. Also, ask games are fun, so send me a few of these and I'll draw something based on it!

For each emoji, you can optionally give me details, like quantity and color, or I can decide specifics.

You can pick more than one from each category if applicable, and if you add a + I'll combine them (for example, 🐏+🦄 could be a single curly ramicorn horn)


🐏 - ram horns

🦄 - unicorn horn

🐲 - dragon horns

😈 - devil horns

🦌 - antlers

🐞 - antanae

🐍 - cat/snake eyes

👁️ - cyclops

🕶️ - three or more eyes

👁️‍🗨️ - pupiless eyes

🕷️ - insect eyes

🙈 - no eyes

🕊️ - feather wings

🦇 - dragon wings

🦋 - butterfly wings

🐝 - dragonfly wings

🐾 - claws

✌️ - sharp fingernails

🐟 - webbed hands

🦉 - talon hands and feet

🦆 - talon feet only

🐐 - saytr feet

🐎 - centaur

🐬 - mermaid

🐉 - dragon tail

🐈 - cat tail

🐺 - wolf tail

➡️ - devil tail

🍓 - short pointy ears

🌽 - long pointy ears

🥭 - rounded pointy ears

🥬 - fur tufted ears

🐠 - fin ears

🧛‍♀️ - vampire teeth

💀 - all sharp teeth

🦅 - beak

🌊 - gills

🦜 - colorful skin/feathers/fur (specify)

⚔️ - weilds sword

🏹 - weilds bow and arrows

🌲 - weilds axe

🧙‍♂️ - weilds magic

🗡️ - weilds daggers

👑 - crown

👸 - tiara

🔮 - amulet

💞 - chocker necklace

🧒 - short hair

👧 - medium hair

👩 - long hair

🙋 -straight hair

💁 - wavy

🙆 - spiky

👩‍🦱 - curly hair

🧕 -wears hjab

Might add more to this later as I think of more things.

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An Anonymous user asked:

you seem like a really awesome person

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stop asked:


🎶 do you listen to music when you write? if so, do you think that what you listen to influences your writing, or not?

yes, but i don't think so? i mostly just put my music on shuffle and roll with what i get, but it's really easy for me to completely tune out music when i'm doing anything that requires any level of concentration beyond "none."

☔ what, in your opinion, is optimal writing conditions? (weather, temperature, location to write at, etc)

as much as i want to say rain for the aesthetiqueTM, sounds that aren't music or background house noise break my focus REALLY easily, so the optimal conditions are at home, on the couch, with everyone else being mostly silent and some nice quiet weather, like snow with no wind. no classy cafes i'm afraid!

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crownedwithwisteria asked:


💖 do you have a favorite work you’ve ever written, finished or not? what do you like the most about it?

yeah, it's a poem of mine called "the coin toss"! it was based on a story my dad told me when i asked him about spooky things that happened to him and he talked about getting heads like eight times in and row after watching rosencrantz and guildenstren are dead. neither are really that spooky, but i like to think i captured the uneaseness and sudden paranoia he was experiencing pretty well.

📓 do you have multiple ongoing projects, or do you work on only one at a time until that one is finished and move on to the next?

uhhhh sort of in between? i tend to work on something exclusively for a while, hop on something else and drop other project, return to old one, etc. think less "doing two things with two hands" and more "doing one thing with one hand for an hour and suddenly deciding to do something completely different with the same hand."

📚 do you put a lot of research into your writing? if so, what topic have you researched the most just for a writing project before?

depends on my mood really! on one story i researched medieval food other than beef stew and potatos for an hour just for a three sentence scene and in another i accidenallly wrote a food vendor owner as having an actual storefront, said "fuck it," and added a line about him getting a new location and moved on.

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fallow asked:

hi =0

as your body floats down third street

look at the hottie in the tight jeans

commonplace things seem to have great significance

silent night, holy night

i'll be god, i'll be god, i'll be god, i'll be god today

- i'm calling this one "divine awakenings but you're a drunken frat guy"

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spaded-aces asked:


i've been sleeping with the nighlight unplugged

i know i said i'd keep my distance

i want you

i built a little empire out of some crazy garbage

one time i tied to sing about spring and a storm

- i'll call this one "very tired man keeps trying nonsensical schemes to get his ex back"

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mcatnip asked:

hi :3

inside this house of mine

wake up

here man completed his first exploration of the moon

when my baby is a mess

super automatic pilot motor

-i call this poem "relationship problems but my s/o is a robot"

(edited bc i fucked up the meme)

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lina asked:

hi! :)

disempowered, the scattering flock

stop, drop

here in the hall of heads

i'll sink manhattan

birds are calling to sing along

- a poem titled "american revolution 2: this time it's internal"

(edited bc i fucked up the meme)

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naiad asked:


caught forward, that's our mistake

a woman came up to me and said

"bring to me your sons and daughters,"

we were alone

it's really hard, i can't cry in your arms.

-a poem called "literal child abduction??"

(edited bc i fucked up the meme)

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syrup asked:

I don't think I know you that well:< but I have the impression of B2f :3

ooh, that definitely fits!! i have a pretty feminine style :)

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masterfuldoodler asked:

For the art ask: 15?

detective verity, for a friend on discord!

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tigertoony asked:

I follow cos I love your creations and you also reblog cool and fun things! :3

:D!! thank!!

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The Now Generation - Public Service Broadcasting

Only One - Skyhill

Never Meant To Know - Tally Hall

Aawake at Night - half.alive

i call this one "Fashion Designer has an Existential Crisis"

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birthday surprise + a new hairstyle for cara

from the ask meme, for babushka:

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stop asked:

🎀, 💻, 🎥??

sorry for the last reply!! as you probably saw, some shit went down lmao

-What kind of clothes do you usually like to dress in? Any accessories to go with them that you always wear?

mostly, like, casually feminine? lots of dresses and skirts, but i'll only dress up on a whim. i always forget to put on acessories but if i'd remember i'd constantly be wearing my magic necklace and dragon bracelet!!

-Any favorite video games or webseries?

animal crossing and pokemon are my two loves!! needless to say i'm hyped for 2020! for webseries i like snapcube and bon apetit rn

-What are your favorite movies?

kiki's delivery service! also scooby doo and the ghoul girls and paranorman

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babushka asked:

energetic vibes... also sunny so like... Solar energy? The clearest of them all

:0!! thanks!!

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An Anonymous user asked:

(for the vibes ask meme): sunny

ooh, nice! thank you

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semi-entropy asked:

kate (or catherine if you're up for a challenge) for the playlist ask meme? :D

Careful What You Pack -They Might be Giants

Afterglow - Skyhill

Tidal Wave - Owl City

Hello My Old Heart - The Oh Hellos

Eet - Regina Spektor

Roygbiv - Public Service Boardcasting

I Died So I Could Haunt You - Stars

Nobody - Mitski

Eighth Wonder - Lemon Demon

now known as "Songs with Moods(TM)"

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perish asked:

do me do me do me !!! daisy for the playlist pweease

your wish is my command! use it wisely

Dream Sweet in C Major - Miracle Musical

Asymptotic - Louie Zong

Iscariot - Walk the Moon

The Sword & The Pen - Regina Spektor

You - Tally Hall

This one is "Partly Dreamy, Mostly Sad"

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wokenhardies asked:

playlist request thing; siobhan?


It's a Disaster - OK GO

Original Spin - Mother Mother

Best I Can Do - Misterwives

Hellbent - Mystery Skulls

Aspiring Fires - Mother Mother

Now - Paramore

this is "We Live In A Society, And It Goes Hard (Musically)"