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man nothing can parallel hearing a girl behind me start a phone saying "oh, you guys are woke" other than the sheer relief of her immediately countinuing with "i thought you were asleep."

shout out to the girl i saw wearing what was either a backless tank top or a backless body suit while in line for food at 12 am, what a lady

we had a club fare last night on campus and i'm really excited for some of them, especially the illustrators club :D!!!

i went to a campus thing where we were braiding dog toys for the humane society and ended up teaching a couple guys how to braid. they were so focused while i was demonstrating it to them it was honestly really endearing.

hey since the commision market is being figured out rn i want to know how many of my followers would be interested in buying commissions for me! if that is something y'all would be into could you comment on this saying what kind of price you'd expect for, like, a flat-colored single person peice so i can gauge what the range should be?

my art can be found here btw

waving-willow asked:

kate (or catherine if you're up for a challenge) for the playlist ask meme? :D

Careful What You Pack -They Might be Giants

Afterglow - Skyhill

Tidal Wave - Owl City

Hello My Old Heart - The Oh Hellos

Eet - Regina Spektor

Roygbiv - Public Service Boardcasting

I Died So I Could Haunt You - Stars

Nobody - Mitski

Eighth Wonder - Lemon Demon

now known as "Songs with Moods(TM)"

lightningcats asked:

can i have a playlist for any of the cats? Cath(erine), Didi or Kittie of your choice 

*breaks fingers* alright here we go

Cool Blue Reason - Cake

Another Set of Issues - OK GO

Twisted Tongue - Misterwives

Hindsight - The Long Winters

End of the Rope - They Might Be Giants

Revolution - Misterwives

I'd Love to Break It to You - Nathan Sharp

Never Meant to Know - Tally Hall

The End - Lemaitre

this weirdly turned into a "Villian Gets A Redemption Arc, Saves The Day, then is Evil Again" playlist, which doesn't really fit the character but oh well


Dance to Another Tune - First Aid Kit

In The Wings - Mother Mother


I'm Not Through - OK GO

this is "Country + Some Fun"


Kangaroo Court- Capital Cities

If My Heart Was a House - Owl City

The Trap - Tally Hall

Thus Always To Tyrants - The Oh Hellos

In Full Color - Louie Zong

Everest - (Blind Remix) - Public Service Broadcasting

i'll call this one "Why Don't I Have More Chill/Happy Sounding Music?"

lightningcats -

bonus dog fact: dogs worship wolves as an acient race of mythical heroes and possible demigods. They howl at the moon in their honor. 

katiebirdie -

for a second I forgot about lightning cats and thought you were talking about like, real dogs

I'm offically moved into my dorm!!

i'm sure i'll feel homesick as the week goes on but i'll get to see everyone on sunday so i'll be fine :)

perish asked:

do me do me do me !!! daisy for the playlist pweease

your wish is my command! use it wisely

Dream Sweet in C Major - Miracle Musical

Asymptotic - Louie Zong

Iscariot - Walk the Moon

The Sword & The Pen - Regina Spektor

You - Tally Hall

This one is "Partly Dreamy, Mostly Sad"

soft-nomad asked:

ugh you have some excellant music choices, top notch really

Thank you!! i try

wokenhardies asked:

playlist request thing; siobhan? 


It's a Disaster - OK GO

Original Spin - Mother Mother

Best I Can Do - Misterwives

Hellbent - Mystery Skulls

Aspiring Fires - Mother Mother

Now - Paramore

this is "We Live In A Society, And It Goes Hard (Musically)"

honestly i'm suprised i've managed to make themactically sound playlists so far

naiad asked:

Kayla for the music ask?

Kings and Queens - Misterwives


You're So Damn Hot - OK GO

Losing My Mind - Mystery Skulls

Anklebiters - Paramore

calling it "Look, Just Fuckign Rock Out"

timeskip asked:

Percy for the name playlists?? :0

Pocket Full of Gold - American Authors

Exeunt - The Oh Hellos

Reflections - Misterwives

Center Stage - Capital Cities

You & Me - Tally Hall

this one's "Getting Out Of And Then Back Into Dating"

rosefairy asked:

Alexa for the ask game <3

After All - The Altogether

Lullaby - OK GO

The End - Lemaitre

Wasted Daylight* - Stars

Afterglow - Skyhill

this one's either "Sleep Cycle" or "Please for the Love of God, Can My Insomnia Step Off?"

*i literally have no X songs so i just went a letter down

greatkingrat asked:

rat for the ask meme!

Ruler of Everything - Tally Hall

Ancient Aliens - Lemon Demon

Teaspoon - The Long Winters

the name for this one is "The Band's Trying to Say Something Here, Probably?"


therainfallsystem asked:

emyr for the ask game!

Emelina, Right or Wrong - The Altogether

Moonshadow - Cat Stevens

Youth - Daughter

Run With the Hunted - Skyhill

this one's "Fun Folk Songs and Sad Times"

aurenfaie asked:

Erik for the playlist, please!!

Easy Tiger - Portugal. the Man

Return - OK GO

Intruxx - Glass Animals

Kiwi - Harry Styles

i call it "Rockin' and Groovin' but You've Got Class in Ten Minutes"

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babushka -

the idea of "dark=good" and "light=bad" appeals to me more and more so i might just make a real quick silmarillion AU of it

and i know it's been done a lot, like, villains POV this, sexy misunderstood Melkor that, and that's valid but it's not about the characters for me (not like i remember them), i just want to play around and see if i can make the entire concept of light bad

and there is only three of you on waterfall who can stop me 

babushka -

idk how to cite comments but @spaded-aces GETS IT

babushka -

to ensure that the darkness is good we only need a couple of things:

  • get rid of any night predators so that the fear of the dark would not have developed in the first place
  • give everyone night vision (i think elves already have it and humans existed in the dark for some time since their awakening and managed pretty well so) 
  • make the climate warm enough so the abscence of light/fire would not equal freezing and death
  • stars don't count as evil light so Varda can stay. stars are also pretty deadly but too far to hurt anyone so. 

babushka -

@katiebirdie yeah! Darkness being a welcoming place to hide is also a topic i wanted to go off with on @rave.

also i WANT to ensure that light might claim it "allows you to see what things really are", but the darkness is the initial state of everything, before and after different light sources disappear. things look different in the different light, and it can be used as a decieving tactic. god i'm on a ROLL TODAY 

babushka -

the only down side of darkness is that it doesn't really produce anything, where as light/fire/warmth is actively used by humanity in a lot of useful things

spaded-aces -

Darkness helps people hunt unseen, provides cover and security where light exposes them!

babushka -

yeah but you can't cook stuff on the darkness or something like that

katiebirdie -

theorectically you could probably use really hot hot springs to boil something? or maybe, like, the heat from gysers? don't quote me on it tho

love it when the trees scream like the devil 

transwerewolf -


Repour with which part of the body and head you start drawing first!!!

I start with the torso and nose :3

babushka -

i start with the head and finish with the head

transwerewolf -

Hdhbxhwhjsjsh ur so valid

katiebirdie -

head structure, ears, then the rest

corky -

do y'all,,,, know anything about resting heart rates? bc i got into one of my moods where i have 2 Know Something Rght Now so i counted out my bpm n its 50-60, which is like apparently not so great

coffeeandyarn -

or it means that youre SUPER healthy. mine rests at around 60-70 when I’m sitting or laying down. when I’m standing it rests closer to 70-80. 

on the other hand, something could be seriously wrong and you might want to see your healthcare provider if this has never happened before

katiebirdie -

i hit exactly 80 in a minute so i hope it's healthy lmao

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babushka -

im reading the psychology self-help books* and they all sound very neutorypical karen-y but that might be the entire point? to get rid of my anxiety (or mor like to soften it) i have to imagine life without anxious thoughts first. not to mention that meditation, apparently, actually works if done right and it's scientifically proven. i guess, in order to be a neurotypical you have to think like one

*keep in mind i am only saying this in relation to anxiety and depression 

katiebirdie -

so basically, fake it til you make it?