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who is lapin rouge?

oh! lapin rouge is one of the antagonists in tigress. basically the Big antagonist is corvid, a crow lady who can use her artistic powers to create big monsters to cause havoc upon seattle. she does this so that lapin, whose kind of her lackey/sidekick, can then go out and steal powerful magical artifacts from museums and such while everyone is focused on the pandamonium elsewhere. corvid used to do it herself the first few attacks but almost got caught because she could feel when the moster got hit and would get distracted so she traded places at lapin's insistance. they can make metals and plastics grow so cold they become super brittle and shatter and freeze people with their breath (though it makes them lose their voice after awhile), so they're perfect for the job.

the reason lapin insists on being the one to actually do the stealing is because corvid is her mom, and she'd rather not see her mom get the beatdown from tigress, especially sense the whole point with the robbing is to get their other family members back in the first place. plus it makes more sense for the one creating the monsters to hide away so she can make more chaos if needed. it also means that tigress has two issues to deal with at once now, since stopping the robbery wont guarantee the monster goes down now.

outside of the suit, lapin rouge is cassidy, a mild-mannered, ice-skating loving high school student new to the school. she's kind of awkward because of that, but tries her best to make friends with the wild as hell classmates she now has. (she's also friends with and has a crush on cara, who's actually tigress, because i love alter ego nonsense). also she's genderfluid! mainly goes by she or they depending, though sometimes he'll go by he.

wanted to practice drawing characters consistently, so here's a comic! the rest will be under the cut :)

It’s winter in Seattle. There had been a snowstorm just two days ago, and all the buildings, from the towering skyscrapers to the grand old hotels, were blanketed in white. Wind whips through the streets, howling quietly as signal for the next flurry of snow to roll in. Before, Lapin had found wintertime to be nothing more than an excuse for staying in a warm house, tangled in countless blankets, fighting the cold for all it was worth.

Standing here on the crumbing edge of an old building, though, he can see the beauty of the frosted city in all its wonder. For all that Lune has lain silent and unresponsive despite choosing him, she has at least given him this in his time with her. It’s hardly a mother or uncle back, but it is something, and in the spirit of the holidays Lapin can allow himself to be grateful.

His cloth ears twitch. Seattle is rarely quiet, and the promise of Christmas has made the people even louder and more festive than before, even at such an hour. Still, he hears the barely audible thunk of boots on the rooftop, muffled by the snow.

“Having a late night wander about the city, are you?” says Tigress, from the parapet of the building beside his. “I thought most bunnies were in bed by this time.”

Her tone is softer than the biting, witty airs she carries in a fight. Maybe it’s the solemn atmosphere of the night smoothing her words, or maybe the lack of impending danger. Lapin cranes his head up to look at her— because of course she’d choose the high ground, just to mess with him. Something about the dark gray of the sky softens the colors of her suit to match her words, the orange so searing in the daylight now darkened to match the rest of the sleepy city. Her green eyes are still as supernaturally bright as ever, their knowing gleam preserved by the faint glow of the nightlife below. Idly, he wonders if they’re green in real life, too. His certainly aren’t red.

“That’s hardly your business. Prowling around your territory, I assume?” he says, more to say something at all than to provoke a fight. There’s a calm chill to the air, one he’s never felt before, and it gives him the feeling that tonight is not a night for brawling.

Tigress laughs, the sound piercing through the air like a whip crack. Another part of her unsoftened by the night. She leaps down to meet him on his building, and the only thing keeping him from bolting is the knowledge she can’t take his anklet even if she wanted to. She no doubt knows that too, and for all her cheery, showboating attitude, Tigress isn’t stupid. She rolls her shoulders back, ever poised to move, but only shoves her hand into her pockets as if to ward off the cold. Then, she grins at him, teeth as sharp as her gaze. “What can I say? This cat loves her urban jungle.”