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heres a test drawing to figure out how my new tablet (and clip studio) works!! i'm used to drawing with my finger on an ipad so having pen pressure is kinda wild

and lo, i saw dread sleep ride upon her horse dark as night, and she wore a crown of poppies

please look at my terrible sheep, starring battering ram, dolly, and sleep sheep!

you could tell i was getting more and more invested in drawing them after battering ram lmao, i should probably return to her at some point

space mermaid goddesses redraw! the one on the bottom is from 2018, up top is the new one. i don't mean to brag, but god am i way better now. two years of semi-consistent practice will do that, i suppose! it's nice to know i can actually apply gradients now, because clearly i had no idea what i was doing originally.

fun fact about this style: i don't just slap down a black layer and draw in white, i literally block in the shapes in black and leave the lines as empty space. i don't know why i do it like this.

experimenting with this silhouette style so here's a thing based off a "ring around the rosie" style song about covid some people on tungle made