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summer neiro [oc]

Revamped one of my pokemon trainer OCs, Noel!

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Felt like doodling and out came Eunie's summer outfits.

Mad Scientist Catherine

- I've just made... The discovery... Of the century...

- It's 3 a.m. and you've already said this exact thing five times. Maybe it's time for you to discover sleep, Catherine?

sometimes you change up your style, just for funsies

Celestial Sailor Jupiter concept

this one doesn't even have a comparison post since i don't think i've finished my first drawing of her. i've referenced this pose from her figurine doing a pose from the actual show. this is one of the most asymmetric and dynamic poses i've done so far!

i had to change her color scheme slightly by using a blu-er green (if it makes sence) to make it blend well with pink because her original characters don't blend at all. i hope that doesn't take away too much from her signature image and floral aspect of her powers, even though this shade of green is more of a Sailor Neptune shade of green.

Background is a pre-made pattern in Ibis Paint!

concept art for character from my 「game」
unhelpful process gif
weird game site
twitter nonsense

Piece for my illustration class!

Celestial Sailor Mercury Concept 2.0

[first verison][comparison post]

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This is my second favourite drawing I have ever made

I flex with this one everywhere because this is the only landscape drawing that has ever looked good comming from me :,,,,,,,D

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recent painting practice.

revisited one of vinnys old designs for funsies!

some favorites from !! 2018!!

(ocs, oc, oc (+hers), ocs, monster prom)

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some more creepy angels

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There was a ghibli redraw trend on twitter, and I was cool with it until I came across this still shot from Howl's Moving Castle and felt compelled for a week. This took me a total of 18 hours, and I must stop looking at it or else I will keep rendering it to oblivion. Good study! Good fun and healing. Here's the original.