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I thought I'd make my first post a good one and share my most recent, non work piece!

I'm participating in a year long journal trade and this is a piece from one of those. The theme for this one is lineart. Each participant started with their own journal and laid out the guidelines for it as well as adding the first art. My journal is fanatsy creature themed and I'll post the pages I did for it soon. After the books have gone through all 12 participants we get them back to keep!

fallow -

oooh this is so pretty!!! the way you drew the hair is really neat, it makes it look very flowing. & i like the type of shading you did around the neck area too i didnt notice it at first but its very tidy and it looks cool!


idk if i'll add a bg to this, so for now here's my latest Iri drawing.

Fun fact this is the first time I've shown his wings!

im not dead i swear anyway heres a gale

i tried a different sort of water eyes this time

wraak -

Semi old doodle of Helnu. From sketchbook.

Revamped one of my pokemon trainer OCs, Noel!

rah -

Felt like doodling and out came Eunie's summer outfits.

Mad Scientist Catherine

- I've just made... The discovery... Of the century...

- It's 3 a.m. and you've already said this exact thing five times. Maybe it's time for you to discover sleep, Catherine?

sometimes you change up your style, just for funsies

concept art for character from my 「game」
unhelpful process gif
weird game site
twitter nonsense

revisited one of vinnys old designs for funsies!