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🎢 do you listen to music when you write? if so, do you think that what you listen to influences your writing, or not?

yes, but i don't think so? i mostly just put my music on shuffle and roll with what i get, but it's really easy for me to completely tune out music when i'm doing anything that requires any level of concentration beyond "none."

β˜” what, in your opinion, is optimal writing conditions? (weather, temperature, location to write at, etc)

as much as i want to say rain for the aesthetiqueTM, sounds that aren't music or background house noise break my focus REALLY easily, so the optimal conditions are at home, on the couch, with everyone else being mostly silent and some nice quiet weather, like snow with no wind. no classy cafes i'm afraid!

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πŸŽ€, πŸ’», πŸŽ₯??

sorry for the last reply!! as you probably saw, some shit went down lmao

-What kind of clothes do you usually like to dress in? Any accessories to go with them that you always wear?

mostly, like, casually feminine? lots of dresses and skirts, but i'll only dress up on a whim. i always forget to put on acessories but if i'd remember i'd constantly be wearing my magic necklace and dragon bracelet!!

-Any favorite video games or webseries?

animal crossing and pokemon are my two loves!! needless to say i'm hyped for 2020! for webseries i like snapcube and bon apetit rn

-What are your favorite movies?

kiki's delivery service! also scooby doo and the ghoul girls and paranorman