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transwerewolf asked:

9-12 :3c

(still answering these with tigress bc it's the one on my mind)

9. which oc is your personal favorite?

oh man.... it's either cara (main character), or zoya. both of their personalities are pretty bold and matter-of-fact, so it's fun to think of scenes for them. also zoya has a whole accidental spy side plot going on with arthur so i've been having fun with her!

10. do you tend to give your ocs your own habits and traits? or are they radically different from you?

not really? i have a handful of ocs who do things i like (drawing, sewing, writing, etc) but for the most part i try to give them diverse interests. also most of my ocs are way bolder and firey than me, so pretty different i'd say.

11. what's one of your ocs' fashion style like? do they even care about fashion, or do they dress how they want?

zoya's the only one with a developed style so far, and she kinda has three. most school days its dressy and formal (trench coats, blazers, long black skirts, a lot of neutral colors), in summer or weekend events its brighter and flowy (long colorful dresses over long-sleeve shirts, those skirts with a lot of fabric that swirl when you spin, pastel hijabs, white and geometric patterns), and at home it's very casual (sweatpants and graphic tees). she doesn't much care about fashion trends, and mostly puts on what she wants.

12. which oc is your first? has their design/personality changed since you first came up with them?

cara and cassidy are definitely te first ocs i came up with for tigress, but exactly how old they are kind of depends on how you look at it. i've had opposing fire and ice characters since middle school, but those original ocs didn't really have a story? or any peronality, really. the first time i drew and thought about the characters the would be cara and cassidy with the intent to make a story out of it was about two/three years ago, i think. they started out as children of two different clans/royalty who hated each other. that cara had a big sister, mother, and an uncle who were all basically firebenders, while cassidy's family were icebenders, and the two were much more tramatized. cara was super angry and angsty, and cassidy was less awkward and more lone wolf like. i still have a story based off that draft, but the ice family is gone and i changed how the magic worked. i then took proto cara and cassidy out of it, quibbled on what to do with them, and eventually drew an unrelated tiger superhero and decided to combine the idea into cara as of now, building the rest of the current cast and plot off of that. so yeah, i'd say they changed a lot.


"i've connected the two dots--"

                   "you didn't connect shit--"

"i've connected them!"


aka local girl gets too invested in meme art, once again


the new and improved tigress!! i'm really glad i changed it, the full body suit looks really bad compared to her outfit now lmao

i'm still comsidering whether or not i want to add orange to legs, but other than that this will pretty much be her final look, i think


Tigress! she's a superhero oc of mine, i'll draw and post her arch-nemesis and her rival later today