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waving-willow asked:

kate (or catherine if you're up for a challenge) for the playlist ask meme? :D

Careful What You Pack -They Might be Giants

Afterglow - Skyhill

Tidal Wave - Owl City

Hello My Old Heart - The Oh Hellos

Eet - Regina Spektor

Roygbiv - Public Service Boardcasting

I Died So I Could Haunt You - Stars

Nobody - Mitski

Eighth Wonder - Lemon Demon

now known as "Songs with Moods(TM)"

waving-willow asked:

the first time i asked you, it was supposed to say gemini, or if not gemini then aquarius?

you got it!! i'm an aquarius, congrats

what about me made you think of those signs?

waving-willow asked:

aalksldfhs i guess not,,, sorry about that lmao, it was not my best moment

(also feel free to post the ask, it\\'s on anon so i really don\\'t mind)

it's fine! but now i really want to know which zodiac you think i am

waving-willow asked:

theres another c/katherine??? i genuinely thought i was the only one?? 

YUP! i'm the katherine (aka the only valid spelling) and @disasterbisexual is the catherine (bad). we're gonna start a k(c)atherine cult