Lately, I've been drawing a lot of ocs from a superhero story idea I have, so I thought I'd put down some basic info on them to clear things up :)

Cara (aka Tigress): Main character and the one I draw the most! Lovely gal who became a superhero when a weird tiger burst into her room with a bracelet and told her trouble was afoot. Tasked with dealing with the local supervillian Corvid's monsters and stopping her lacky Lapin Rouge from stealing magic artifacts while the moster wrecks shop. Sharp witted, bold, and fond of ridiculous puns. Relavitely popular within her class, and knows a lot of people. Doesn't get along with her mom due to wanting to be an engineer instead of going into music like she wants.

Cassidy: Other main character! Trying their best at all times. Acting as Lapin Rouge, they help out Corvid in stealing magical artifacts for unclear reasons. Often attempts to talk to the Rabbit spirit, only to be met with constant silence, and only barely knows what their doing as a result. New to the school and somewhat withdrawn, they only make friends with Cara later on. Consantly carries around a black umbrella due to their sensitive skin.

Corvid: A supervillian who can create monsters by drawing them. Uses the Crow spirit's magic, which greatly alarms the others-- it was was agreed by all spirits that they would not assist evil. It's thoguht she's found a way to make the Crow do her bidding. No one is sure why she is gathering these magical objects, but it can be for good.

Jack: Cara's longtime friend and confident. A chronic flirt who's consantly switching between obsessions. At the time of the story, he's trying to become a magician. Due to all his seemingly random hobbies, he knows a lot of dubious skills, up to and including lock-picking, climbing buildings, and fainting on cue. Most of the school is half-convinced he's secretly a spy recruit, and he does little to disabuse them of this notion. Loves horror moives, but has to watch them with other people because they scare him shitless (usually Cara, since she has nerves of steel). Hates his asshole of a father.

Zoya: One of Cara's friends, incredibly smart and peceptive. Probably has more blackmail on everyone in the school than anyone would like, but is too commited to Staying in her Lane(TM) to use it to her advantage, unless someone is being hurt or threatened. Will make pointed remarks to teachers if she thinks they're slacking off on their civil duties. Isn't really interested in being a reporter despite others' urging-- wants to follow her father's footsteps and go to culinary school instead. Her and Jack get on better than most would think, and they aren't allowed to work on projects together after upstaging everyone else too many times.

There are other character's, obvs, but I'm still workshopping them and this is getting a bit long.